Meet Ritu Mehta, FHI Clinical Senior Manager of Business Development

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Ritu Mehta

Senior Account Development Manager

Career background

Even as a child growing up in India, Ritu always wanted to be in health care. She learned early on how it felt to make a difference in people’s lives: her parents ran a nonprofit, and in her teen years, she worked for underserved communities who lived below the poverty line. During that time, she helped children with no access to proper schools due to lack of financial resources to read and write.
Ritu received her undergraduate degree in dentistry from Manipal University in India and practiced dentistry for four years. At the age of 21 years, she founded her own dental management company, grew it to four times its original size and sold it.
She earned a master’s degree in business from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina, and then went to work for several biotech companies as a growth strategy consultant. In this role, Ritu helped organizations like Merck and the American Red Cross develop tools to optimize their processes and cut costs, all before landing at FHI Clinical.
“I’m anything but traditional,” she says.
What do you like about your job?
“Being an ex-medical professional, I’m passionate about this industry. I’ve always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, which is why I studied dentistry. Now I get to be a part of cutting-edge research that saves lives, ends people’s suffering or improves their quality of life. With FHI Clinical, I get to serve a higher purpose. It feels good, and I’m proud to be part of something bigger.”
What is your sales superpower?
“I’m a go-getter, and very passionate about the work I do. I’d call myself persistent, tenacious, empathetic and good at meeting deadlines. I’m also a good listener. You have to understand the client’s requirements and be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, so this is a key skill.”

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