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Indication Overview

Our Clinical Trial Experience With Oncology

For nearly 20 years, the FHI Clinical project team has partnered with companies developing and deploying vaccines, treatments and diagnostic tests for multiple oncology indications.


Project Profile: COVID-19 Study in Ghana

Investigating existing treatments for their efficacy to treat COVID-19 is important in some countries with limited access to new treatments, such as Ghana. In this project profile, Loice Magaria, Clinical Research Project Manager at FHI Clinical, discusses a study we’re supporting in Ghana to investigate COVID-19 treatments.


Following the Epidemiology in Infectious Disease Trials: A COVID-19 Case Study

With infectious disease outbreaks, expanding immunity from previous infection and vaccination efforts can change where the outbreak is occurring. In this video, Loice Magaria, Clinical Research Project Manager at FHI Clinical discusses strategies implemented to address changing epidemiology in a study investigating COVID-19 treatments.


Cultural Competence in Clinical Research

Cultural competence is important when interacting with local communities in a research setting. Our localized team members provide valuable insight into the language and culture of their communities and are skilled at cultural humility when working with teams and populations in other regions.


Africa’s Potential for Clinical Research

In this webinar, our panel of Africa-based researchers discuss the strong clinical research foundation, the community-centered approach and increasing regulatory harmonization in Africa. Watch to learn about the continent’s population diversity, expanding therapeutic area expertise and long-standing stakeholder engagement.


Final Thoughts on the Trip to Visit the PREVAIL Network in Liberia

In this video, FHI Clinical experts share their final thoughts following a fall 2021 trip to Liberia to visit the PREVAIL network of sites and staff.


What’s Next for the PREVAIL Network?

Watch this video to hear FHI Clinical experts detail upcoming research projects the PREVAIL network is excited to embark on, including a Lassa fever program.


COVID-19 Impact on the Liberian Healthcare Systems

FHI Clinical experts discuss their observations on the effects of COVID-19 on the local healthcare system during their fall 2021 visit to the Liberian PREVAIL sites.


Importance of Local Experts on the Ground

Hear from a team of FHI Clinical experts as they discuss the importance of having localized expertise on the ground to build research capacity and site sustainability.


Follow the Epi: Finding TB-Prevalent Populations to Guide TB Vaccine Protocol Design

In this plenary discussion, experts in infectious diseases discuss how real-world epidemiology data, site capacity data and biosurveillance methodology could help identify TB-prevalent populations during protocol design, helping to ensure an adequate sample for TB vaccine development.