A Unique Public-Private Partnership to Eradicate Malaria in Equatorial Guinea: Part 2 of the ASTMH Blog Series

One example of the ability of public-private partnerships to establish and strengthen research capacity is the Equatorial Guinea Malaria Initiative (EGMVI), which began within the larger Bioko Island Malaria Control Project (BIMCP). Last year, the two were combined into the Bioko Island Malaria Elimination Project (BIMEP). Dr Stephen Hoffman from Sanaria, Inc. shared details of the BIMEP with us at FHI Clinical’s ASTMH dinner event. FHI Clinical has also had the privilege of being involved in studies conducted by the EGMVI (now BIMEP).

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Building Research Capacity in Resource-Limited Settings: Part 1 of the ASTMH Blog Series

At the 2019 ASTMH Annual Meeting, FHI Clinical hosted a dinner for a group of speakers and guests from all facets of clinical research to discuss strategies to keep sites active and leverage research-ready sites (and their patient populations) in areas that are not necessarily front of mind. With this blog series, we will describe some of the topics discussed during the event.

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Ebola Vaccination and Containment in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: What are the Challenges?

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is currently experiencing the world’s second-largest Ebola outbreak. Despite a coordinated vaccination and containment effort that began in August 2018, cases continue to occur and spread. As with other disease outbreaks in limited-resource countries, numerous factors have challenged the Ebola health care response in the DRC.

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