We're excited to be collaborating with Tiziana on a Phase II trial for their investigational COVID-19 treatment
TCD Merger
FHI Clinical announces intent to acquire South African-based Triclinium Clinical Development (TCD)
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Advancing vaccine development to help all people live longer, healthier lives

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We manage complex clinical research in resource-limited settings

We envision a world where advances in vaccines and medicines help all people live longer, healthier lives.

Stay two steps ahead with fhi clinical

Because of our global expertise, responsive approaches and proven solutions, we are two steps ahead, ready to deploy immediately in markets worldwide and able to measure study launch in days rather than weeks.

Global expertise

Reach new markets and access the right patient populations.

Benefit from our unique combination of in-country technical, regulatory and cultural knowledge and an established global presence in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America.

By connecting your research strategy with the overarching policy and local communities, we help facilitate communication and engagement efforts for more successful study execution.

responsive approaches

Be prepared for any situation.

As your study needs or the local situation change, we can adapt our processes and workflow. No matter how large or small the project, we remain agile and exact, because your research demands it.

We also invest in our intellectual capital and are experts at rapid start-up and management of complex clinical research at sites diverse in geographic area and research capacity.


Tap into our suite of established, validated tools that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Our work complements that of FHI 360, which is grounded in research and science, reinforced by partnerships and focused on strengthening the capacity of individuals, local organizations and national governments.

Our team of subject matter experts stay current on the epidemiology trends and literature, while honing our best practices, processes and procedures.
Our collection of project plans, crisis communication plans, SOP templates, training and more travels with us to support studies from the United States to Latin America, and throughout Africa and Asia.

ensure equitable access to research

Together, we can ensure that countries are prepared to respond to threats to
their population’s health. 

We are flexible
Partner with us to bring our expertise where it is needed—from outbreak zones in low-income countries to state-of-the-art sites in established, global economies.
We are flexible
We are scalable
Complement your team with ours. We're small enough to be well-organized and agile, while large enough to guarantee the delivery of quality solutions and services by knowledgeable experts.
We are scalable
We are dedicated
Move beyond the typical sites and geographies. We walk hand-in-hand with our partners, building capacity to stimulate growth, job creation and stability in geographic areas and populations the industry often neglects.
We are dedicated