Innovation During COVID-19: What We’ve Learned About Remote Site Monitoring

At FHI Clinical, we have offices, sites and staff all over the world. So when COVID-19 caused travel restrictions, we had to move quickly to adopt new ways to enable fully remote site monitoring in some of our ongoing studies.

We are one of the first CROs to adopt a new platform that integrates all of the digitized trial data and ensures secure and compliant site communication. Now, we have real-time insight into status and risk analysis for every data source, every patient and every site. This makes monitoring more efficient and effective, benefiting our sites, their patients and our staff.

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Michelle Atallah

Director, Business Development

As Director of Business Development at FHI Clinical, Michelle brings her scientific, clinical, and leadership expertise to every client meeting. With a background in cancer, immunology and rare diseases, Michelle has also held leadership positions in patient advocacy groups and completed her PhD at Stanford.

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