We Wrote the Book on How to Approach Outbreaks Like COVID-19. See What We’ve Learned From Our Previous Experience

Rules for managing outbreaks were created long before COVID-19. For example, engaging the local community and understanding their norms are important when managing an outbreak.
How do we know?
Because we’ve been there, we’ve studied outbreaks, and we literally wrote a book on it.
Our expert team of infectious disease clinical research specialists have studied outbreaks such as H5N1, HIV, Zika and Ebola. Written by these industry veterans, this e-book includes eight key points based on lessons learned from the front lines. A few include:

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Colors of COVID Radio Show

To debunk some myths around COVID-19 and the vaccine, a powerhouse panel of distinguished physicians, public health professionals and other leaders had a frank video discussion about the effects of COVID-19 on Black and brown communities.

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Staying Connected: Successful Site Initiation During the COVID Era

FHI Clinical continues to work with researchers to identify and initiate global sites with the most appropriate capabilities and patient population for study-specific protocols. While the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath have presented unique challenges this past year, there are many lessons learned that we can apply to all of our future studies for a larger impact and gained efficiencies.

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